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To the left are many buttons with links to various pages with information on SSTV and SSTV Cams.  Also included are links to some pictures of myself and my station KE5RS. I have also added many links to some of my amateur radio buddies from the around the Austin area.

Hello my name is John. I am employed with 3M in Austin, Texas as a Technologist where I characterize high speed 3M Interconnects, cable and assemblies.

I enjoy amateur radio, RC aircraft & cars, writing various applications using Visual Basic and publishing this web page.



Track John ==> KE5RS-9
ICON Descriptions
data thru RF (Truck) data thru network  (Phone)
APRS Mapping:

APRS Path information & suggestions

KE5RS-9 TT4 into GE Rangr Images


You may catch me on the air sometimes in the 20 meter band around 14.230 MHz doing SSTV
Slow Scan TV is probably my favorite mode over all because of all the great pictures I get.  You can find out more information on SSTV at W3MRC. I use a sound card interfaced with my radio using ChromaPix software and Clarence WA0TSL can show you how to hook that all up. I also enjoy taking pictures with my Sony Mavica FD91 digital camera. It takes very nice pictures. I have taken thousands of pictures with it so far.




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