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Cable Characterization Calculator

Enter Measured Resonant Frequency, Capacitance and Cable Length

 Cable length (ft)
 Resonant frequency (MHz)
 Total capacitance (pF)
 Ω Impedance = Propagation Delay / Capacitance
 Propagation delay (nS/ft) = 1 / Resonant Frequency
 Capacitance (pF/ft) = Total Capacitance / Cable Length
 Inductance (uH/ft) = (Impedance2 * Capacitance) / 1,000,000
 Velocity of propagation (%) = Speed of Light / Propagation Delay

Coax Impedance Calculator

 Dielectric constant
 Inches outside diameter center conductor
 Inches inside inside diameter of shield
Ω Impedance

Get Impedance from Rho

 Rho Value: A number  between -1 and 1
 System Impedance (default = 50 ohms)
Calculated Impedance

Dipole Antenna Calculator

Enter Frequency in MHz


 Feet = each leg of dipole

 Feet = each leg of inverted "V"

Power Gain/Loss Calculator

Enter Power in Watts
Watts input
  Watts output
  dB Gain

SWR Calculator

Enter Power in Watts
Watts forward
Watts reflected

Compound Miter Calculator

Enter number of sides
Enter angle of sides
Corner angles
Degrees miter
Degrees bevel

Calculate Camera Field of View

1/3" or 1/4" Select - chip CCD size:
mm Enter - lens size:
Feet Enter - distance to object:
Field of View
Angle of view
Feet - height
Feet - width  




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