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Cable Characterization Calculator

Enter Measured Resonant Frequency, Capacitance and Cable Length

Cable Length (feet)
Resonant Frequency (MHz)
Total Capacitance (pF)
Impedance = Propagation Delay / Capacitance
Propagation Delay (nS/ft) = 1 / Resonant Frequency
Capacitance (pF/ft) = Total Capacitance / Cable Length
Inductance (uH/ft) = (Impedance2 * Capacitance) / 1,000,000
Velocity of Propagation (%) = Speed of Light / Propagation Delay

Coax Impedance Calculator

Dielectric Constant
Inch Center Conductor Diameter
Inch Shield Inside Diameter

Dipole Antenna Calculator

Enter Frequency in KHz


Feet = Each leg of Dipole

Feet = Each leg of Inverted "V"

Frequency to Wavelength

Enter Frequency (MHz)


Meter Wavelength

SWR Calculator

Enter Power in Watts
Watts Forward
Watts Reflected

Calculate Risetime from Frequency

Hertz Enter Frequency in Hertz. Example: 20 GHz = 20e+9
  Seconds Approx TDR Risetime (10/90)

Compound Miter Calculator

Enter Number of Sides
Enter Angle of Sides
Corner angles
Degrees Miter
Degrees Bevel



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