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Hello. My name is John.
I first got my Novice license 1987 in Chico, California and received KB6VRS. Thanks to Willy, W6CXV and his XYL who both administerd the novice exam for me.  After moving in to Texas I soon applied for the vanity call KE5RS.

I work for the 3M company in Austin designing and chracterizing high speed Interconnects, cable and/or assemblies. 3M Interconnects

Track Me ==> KE5RS-9
APRS Mapping:

APRS Path information & suggestions

KE5RS-9 TT4 into GE Rangr Setup and Images

Catch me on the air sometimes in the 20 meter band around 14.230 MHz with SSTV

Live audio streaming
Works in Internet Explorer
Streaming is not always active

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