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Here are a few programs I Created

The software I created is free however...
Many hours have been spent creating these applications.
If you find this software useful, donations are welcome

FTP Widget 7.0 Updated Nov 25, 2008
An application to upload received SSTV images to a website to be seen from anywhere the world

KE5RS CQ-WE Log File Converter
A simple application to convert the CQ - Western Electric Contest Log file to the ADIF log file format.

KE5RS Code Practice 2.0 100kB
A cool little program to help you work on your Morse code.  Work with just the letters you want.  Letters are sent at about 10 to 15 words per minute but you can change the speed to what you like.  Uses Direct X 7.0 and your soundcard.

ARES Database Helper
A program used to help ARES operators located at hospitals load data into the EOC database.

KE5RS Dialer 10.0 MB updated Feb 5, 2012
A neat little 16 button DTMF keypad that allows you to send DTMF tones out your soundcard.  Allows you to send the DTMF tones to your radio for those of you who do not have DTMF microphones.

URL  Image Grabber
A small application that gets an image from a website URL address every minute and saves to your hard drive.  Sort of the opposite function than what the FTP Widget does. This works great for saving the current Doppler image from a weather website to your hard drive once a minute.

Used with ChormaPix or MMSSTV SSTV programs to beacon the image to storm spotters or chasers out chasing the storm.




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