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KE5RS FTP Widget  


You can add your SSTV cam to the SSTV Cams List.

Add your SSTV Cam HERE

The FTP Widget was created to automatically upload SSTV received at your station to your website.  Works well with from most SSTV software. There are many SSTV cams around the world now and I think they work great for amateurs sending pictures to observe how well there pictures are being received.  Checking propagation around the world.

The FTP Widget is free however...
Many hours have been spent creating this program.
If you like the program and find it useful, donations are welcome

Click here to join ftp_widget

Here is the start of a FAQ list.  I will add as I get time FAQ

Join the FTP Widget Yahoo Group to get SSTV cam for FTP Widget and HTML with setting up your own SSTV Cam page at your location 

Join FTP_Widget 

Request link to download KE5RS FTP Widget




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