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FTP Widget FAQ

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Obviously under construction. I will build this list as the questions come in and I have answers.

Q.  The FTP Widget uploads the images, files okay but the file size is zero bytes
A.  Check your software firewall settings or the server you are using may use 'Passive' mode FTP.  Sorry the FTP Widget does not support 'passive' mode.  Additional information and more than I'm going to invest at this time.

Q. I get errors from the server, Timeout, RNFR with connecting and file renaming.
A. Check your Antivirus & firewall settings

Q. Date and time are not showing up on my website.  I know I have all the code on the page correct.
A1. Be sure to watch the letter case for the "widget.js" file.  Some earlier versions of FTP Widget uploaded this file with the first letter capitol "W" as "Widget.js" and not "widget.js"  Most web servers are case sensitive and that may fix the problem.
A2 Using Windows Vista, UAC (User Account Control) Default "ON" may prevent the FTP Widget from creating the "widget.js" text file.

Q  The FTP Widget seems to connect to the server but fails to send or complete commands.
A.  Check for possible software or hardware firewall.  FTP Widget uses, by default port 21 and this port needs to be open for ftp to work.

Q.  The FTP Widget gets errors when trying to upload images. File renaming errors
A.  If you are uploading your images to a web service provider who uses NT server, you may encounter uploading errors. (Following link no longer works at Microsoft) http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/ARTICLES/Q182/6/26.asp





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