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Hello and welcome to my ham radio page 
My name is John Benedict, KE5RS and as you can see,
I enjoy amateur radio.

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I hope you enjoy your visit

Station location EM10BN
Latitude 30° 32' 41" North
Longitude 97° 51' 07" West
Elevation ~1037 feet
Radio 1 Yaesu FT 847 A3S up 55'
M2 6M7 up 65'
M2 2M12 up 60'
Radio 2 Yaesu FT8800 X50NA up 70'
LEAKA KA Node Yaesu FT-2400  AR270B
Radio 3 ADI AR-247 Larsen 5/8 Base
I am thinking of upgrading my HF antenna to the 5 band Force12 XR-5
Satellite Image of Station KE5RS ~400kB
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